List of mineral and vitamin supplements

Thursday, 19th May 2016

List of Common Mineral and Vitamin Supplements

Consult your local veterinarian for advice regarding the use of Minerals before using in your Angora goats.

Minerals should not be over supplemented. The range between safe and toxic levels is quite narrow for many of the minerals. Due to the complex interactions between minerals, excess consumption of one mineral may decrease absorption and/or utilisation of another. Caution should be observed particularly when the likely Copper status of the flock has not been established when supplementing Cu.

Common multi-mineral supplements available contain Manganese, Zinc, Selenium 


For more information see.

  • ‘ Vitamin and Mineral supplement requirements for goats’ (under the Nutrition section)
  • ‘ The effect of Mineral and Vitamin supplementation on reproduction in Angora goats’ (under reproduction section)

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