CAESARIAN by Veterinarian
By By Dr Mackie Hobson BSc(Agric),BVSc

Tuesday, 27th September 2022

In certain circumstances, a vet will decide to perform a caesarean when normal assisted delivery is not possible.

Angora goats need strong pain relief. Gas anaesthesia is recommended along with epidural and local blocks along with i/v access for fluids if facilities allow.

In the field – both epidural and local block with pain relief and sedation are advised.


1. Analgesia (Pain relief)

  • Epidural for average sized ewe– Lidocaine + xylazine
    (Generally, 2 ml of 2% lidocaine + 0.25 ml of 2% Xylazine (20 mg/ml)
    Epidural: Hanging drop usually does not work -feel for the “pop” & lack of injection
  • Local block – Inverted L (Lidocaine)


Remember maximum safe limits of TOTAL Lidocaine 2% (blocks + epidural) = (1 ml/4.5 kg bw) . 40kg

2. Peri-operative antibiotics

3. Right lateral recumbency

4. Left flank shaved and surgically prepped. Shave 5-10cm more ventral than you think is needed.

5. Left flank skin incision

  • Straight or oblique (12 – 15 cm) skin incision– Midway between the last rib and the wing of
    the ilium – 5-10 cm below the level of the transverse
  • External & internal abdominal oblique’s incision follows skin incision
  • Peritoneum – Closely adhered to transverse muscle layer – Raise and nick
  • Get hold of closest uterine horn and pull to incision site and exteriorize – Be careful with uterine wall as it can be friable, oedematous or necrotic.
  • Identify & grasp limb of kid
  • 10-12 cm incision in body of uterus over kid limb – Long enough – Avoid cotyledons

6. Pull kid through the incision, prevent contamination of the abdomen with uterine fluids (the same incision used for other kids)

7. The umbilical cord can be gently torn or ligated

8. There is no need to remove placental membranes – ensure not sutured into uterine

9. Check the second horn for kid

10. Close the uterus gently. Double layer, inverting pattern. Cushing. Taper needle – 0 or 1 Absorbable


11. Flush abdomen with warm saline

12. Abdominal wall closure. Peritoneum/external and internal oblique muscle – 0 to 2 absorbable. Use simple continuous pattern.

13. Skin- 0 non absorbable

14. Antibiotics & NSAID for 3-5 days


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