Dikoor: Panicum spp- Buffalo grass
By Dr Mackie Hobson BSc(Agric),BVSc

Wednesday, 14th December 2022

Outbreaks of photosensitivity have occurred in sheep grazing buffalo grass but have not reported in Angora goats to date.


Under what conditions has photosensitivity occurred?

The soil has usually been disturbed and occurs after the pastures have wilted following dry spells after summer rains. Dudies indicate that the only fungus that could cause photosensitivity is P. chartarum. The fungus has also been associated with Eragrostis curvula.

Clinical signs

There is a similarity to ‘Geeldikkop’ but ‘Dikkoor’ is regarded as much milder.

Post mortem

The post mortem lesions are identical to ‘Geeldikkop’ and the 2 conditions can’t be distinguished.

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