Ectoparasite Treatment Guidelines
By Dr Mackie Hobson

Wednesday, 31st July 2019

The use of DIPS and POUR-ON products to treat ECTOPARASITES on ANGORA GOATS.

March 2020

Guidelines have been set by the Mohair industry for the use of dips and pour-on products by Angora goat farmers.

The export of Mohair to Europe is regulated by strict residue criteria regulated by OEKO-TEX®. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products.

On the basis of its comprehensive and strict catalogue of measures, with several hundred regulated individual substances, the OEKO-TEX® Standards feedback have resulted in guidelines being set for the use dips and pour-on products for Mohair producers in South Africa.

These guidelines may change in future as determined by the OEKO-TEX® standards and as further information obtained from residue trials and testing becomes available.

Current SAMGA Guidelines:

RECOMMENDED list of active ingredients that SAMGA advise mohair producers use THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.

The list of current available options to treat ECTOPARASITES (Ticks, lice etc.) include:

  1. Dips and Sprays
  2. Pour-on
  3. Injectable
  4. Doses

(Reference: 2019/20 publication of mims IDR prescription veterinary medicines)

The list includes the product name, active ingredient and ectoparasites which they are licensed to treat. The products are also listed as licensed for use in goats or off label.


Dr Mackie Hobson BSc (Agric)  BVSc







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