Maximising Production


The Angora goat has an exceptional ability to convert available food into fibre and is considered to be one of the most efficient fibre-producing animal species. This productivity will depend on the quantity of material that can be freely consumed by the animal, as well as its quality and digestibility. Due to the high level of production of fibre it is not surprising that the greatest problems in the Angora goat industry can be linked to origins in the feeding regime.

The Angora is very efficient at using certain types of veld. Where shrubs and trees dominate the veld digestibility is on average 7.0 % higher for goats than for sheep. Where the goats’ requirements cannot be met by the grazed veld, they must be covered by supplementary feeding. A compromise between production and the degree of supplementary feed must be found, which is chiefly influenced by economic considerations.

To maximise the production of kid mohair it is essential to produce and wean as many kids as possible.  Factors influencing the producer’s ability to increase the production of kid mohair under NUTRION sections:

  • Flush Feeding
  • Pregnant and lactating ewe
  • Effect on Mohair production
  • Weaning and the first 18 months
  • When to give supplementary feed

Dr Mackie Hobson

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