Hoof Care
By Dr Mackie Hobson BSc(Agric),BVSc

Monday, 15th July 2019

When Angora goats run on lands where the underfoot conditions are soft, sandy soil, their hooves tend to grow out too long. This is seldom a problem when the goats are out grazing on in extensive karoo veld conditions.

When it comes to lameness it is important to rule out ‘foot abcess’ and ticks. For more on lameness see the website https://www.angoras.co.za/article/lameness-in-angora-goats

How to trim the goats hooves

A good time to trim the hooves may be after rain or heavy dew because the hoof wall will be a bit softer then.

You will need a good pair of clippers and a rasp may help but is not essential.

  1. An assistant must restraint the goat making sure it is comfortable either in a standing position or the goat can be turned to sit on its bottom. See how to handle and turn an Angora goat correctly https://www.angoras.co.za/article/handling-angora-goats#344
  2. Clean the soil and faeces away from the bottom of the hoof so you can clearly identify the sole and the hoof wall.
  3. Start by clipping the tip. Do not clip near the pink surface. Trim the hoof walls to the level of the sole.
  4. Then cut along the sides of the hoof wall clipping until you reach the white part of the hoof. Clip around the heel as well.

 The inside wall of the foot should normally be trimmed a little bit lower than the outside. This allows most of the animal’s weight to be on the outside hoof wall. Excessive trimming can lead to excessive bleeding, pain, infections and lameness.

  1. A plane or wood rasp can be used to help even up the surfaces. If you use a rasp move from the heel to the toe.


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