By Dr Mackie Hobson BSc(Agric),BVSc

Friday, 29th January 2016


There are many different models to raise kids intensively. The ‘lamhokke’ may vary from single pens with the ewe and its kid/s measuring 1.8 X 1m to small camps with multiple ewes.

Paul Broeksma an experienced Angora farmer in the Aberdeen district has developed a model that has been very successful which can form a basis for farmers wanting to use the ‘lamhok’ system for intensive kidding.

Paul’s management system involves.

A: Before ‘lamhokke’

  • Scan the ewes at 90 days and mark twin ewes
  • About 3-4 weeks before kidding the ewes are:
  • Shorn
  • Vaccinated (Multivax P)
  • Treated for internal parasite
  • Given a Vitamin and mineral treatment
  • 2 weeks before kidding ewes are introduced/adapted to ewe pellets (increased to 300g/day)
  • Before the ewes start kidding they are put into smaller camps of about 4ha per 30 ewes and continued to be fed pellets each day
  • Each morning and evening the 4 ha camps are checked and ewes that have kidded and their kids (twins) are marked and loaded onto bakkie and taken to the ‘lamhokke’
  • Weak kids not able to suckle are often stomach tubed and are soon strong enough to suckle.


In ‘lamhokke’ (5 days)


  • When kids brought to lamhok;
  • Umbilical cords are sprayed with antibacterial spray
  • Ewes udders are checked
  • Check kids stomach is full and has suckled
  • Feed ewe pellets
  • Ewe and kids are tagged
  • Ewe and kids in single pen
  • Ensure shade and protection from the elements (zinc sheets).
  • Ensure kids anus is clean, no pugs.
  • Hokke are cleaned every day
  • Water bowls cleaned alternate days
  • Hokke disinfected with CLC lime
  • Kids/ewes not eating are marked with sign on gate and monitored closely
  • Ensure shade and protection from the elements in the hokke.

After 5 days open gates of 3 ewes and their kids to mix

After hokke

  1. Ewes are placed in larger groups (20 ewes and their kids) in a small camp. (About 5 days)
  • They are fed twice a day
  • Monitor that mother/kids healthy
  1. Ewes are then moved to bigger camps (50 ewes and their kids)
  • Continue to feed Ewes. After 3 weeks close so only creep feed for kids (kids learnt how to eat pellets)
  • These camps are packed and electrified for Vermin
  • Kids are Vaccinated with Multivax P twice (4-6 weeks apart) First vaccination can be given when kids 4-6 weeks old when mothers have been vaccinated.

The system has the advantage of increasing weaning %, identifying fertile ewes and bad mothers. It does however take supervision….especially weekends! Increased labour and chance of disease increases with any intensification.

Example of feed

 Full feed for ‘lamhokke’



Feed %

  Mielie meal




Cotton or Sunflower oil cake




Feed lime












Ewes can eat 2.5-3.0% of body mass in late pregnancy and 3-4% in early lactation. Feed intake can then be calculated.Start ewes  about 4 weeks before kidding starting with 200g/day and double every 3rd day

Example: 35kg ewe requires750g- 1kg a day in late pregnancy and 1.0 – 1.2kg a day in early lactation.

If ewes fed in groups then lucern hay needs to be offered as some ewes will not eat the ration

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