Diarrhoea in Angora Goats
By Dr Mackie Hobson

Monday, 15th April 2019

Diarrhoea is a symptom of an underlying problem and not a disease in itself.

It is therefore vital to determine the cause of the diarrhoea rather than trying to treat the diarrhoea itself.

Speak to your vet providing a good history. You may need to get a faecal sample checked and, if any deaths, a Post Mortem done to determine the cause.

There are a number of possible causes of diarrhoea in Angora goats. Internal parasites and dietary factors are probably the most common cause.



A list of some possible causes include:

  1. Roundworms
  2. Coccidiosis
  3. Tapeworm
  4. Feeding problems
  5. Fresh lush pasture
  6. Fibre shortage, excess concentrate feeding
  7. Sudden changes in diet
  8. Acidosis (excess concentrate insufficient fibre)
  9. Excess milk in kids, for example kids kept in kid pens with mothers out grazing can consume excess milk. Can lead to ‘Floppy Kid Syndrome’
  10. Incorrect feeding of ‘Hansies’
  11. Bacterial overgrowth
  12. Coli
  13. Clostridium (‘Pulpy Kidney’, ‘Bloedpens’, ‘Rooiderm’)
  14. Salmonella
  15. Poisoning
  16. Plants: Tulp (cardiac glycosides), ‘Gaanskweek’ ‘Bitter Karoo’, ‘Melkbos’, ‘Witstorm’
  17. Grains with fungal contamination
  18. Ionophore poisoning
  19. Organophosphates


There is no ‘wonder treatment’ and it is vital to treat or correct the underlying problem as identified above. Involve your vet. Minimally get a faecal sample checked to rule out Roundworms and Coccidiosis.

In addition you can provide supportive treatment

  • Fluids are important (electrolytes, dose or tube- such as Lectade, Darrows)
  • Probiotics such as Protexin, Biorem
  • High fibre diet
  • Activated charcoal
  • Don’t just give antibiotics, this can often effect the good bacteria and not improve the problem

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