The Weak and Cold (Hypothermic) Angora Kid
By Dr Mackie Hobson BSc(Agric),BVSc

Friday, 15th September 2017

Angora kids can lose body heat quickly and need the colostrum from the ewe. If they are not fed and conditions are cold they become hypothermic very quickly.

A normal angora kid should have a temperature in the region of 39-40C.

If a weak cold kid is found it is important to:

  1. Dry the kid. Rub the body and massage/move the legs.

If a kid needs to be warmed you can use a hairdryer or you can hold the kid in warm water (warmer than your hands but you can still feel comfortable) and then dry.

  1. If the kid is very weak and unable to hold its head up:

A glucose solution can be injected (10ml per Kg of a 20% glucose solution) by:

  • Holding the kid by the front legs
  • Clean the skin with disinfectant about 2.5cm to the side and below the naval
  • Inject using a sterile needle and aiming towards the tail at a 45 degree angle

Honey can also be placed under tongue.


  1. If the kid is able to hold its head up then you can stomach tube the kid

If colostrum is not available a mixture can be made with:

  • 600 ml of fresh cows' milk
  • One beaten egg yolk
  • One table spoon of glucose (if unavailable, use sugar)
  • One very small teaspoon (3 ml) of cod liver oil (or castor oil)

Mix well and divide the mixture into six equal feeds instead of four if the kid is small or weak. (10-20 % of body weight in total)

See the website ‘Feeding Hansies’ under the Nutrition section


Remember that more kids die from overfeeding than underfeeding. The milk should be at body temperature for the first 4 days and thereafter this is less important.

A rough idea is to feed about 50ml per kg weight of kid 3-4 times a day (example for a 4kg kid feed 200ml 3-4x a day)


Dr Mackie Hobson (SAMGA Vet)

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