ZINC Deficiency in Angora Goats
By Mackie Hobson

Monday, 26th November 2018

Angora goats are the most efficient fibre producing animal. Keratin being a major component of the fibre requires certain critical minerals, Zinc (Zn) being one of them.

What causes a reduction in Zn ?

  • Excess Calcium (lucerne) which suppresses Zn uptake – antagonist
  • Periods of drought conditions
  • High parasite burdens
  • Periods of physiological stress such as pregnancy, kidding

What are the clinical signs of Zn deficiency?

  • Hair loss
  • The hair can come out in patches and goats may become bald.
  • Thinning of coat, dull light fleece that can be easily pulled out at skin.
  • Hair becomes brittle and straight
  • Hair loss often more around head, neck, flanks, lower abdomen ,legs and perineal areas
  • Goats may want to eat, bite at hair of other goats.
  • Parakeratosis, where the skin becomes dry, scaly and thick.
  • Abnormal hoof growth, stiff joints and lameness.
  • Abnormal stance, arched back
  • Can get excessive salivation.
  • Reduced libido in rams, small testes and low sperm counts.
  • Poor appetite


Supplementation: Minerals list

See https://www.angoras.co.za/article/list-of-mineral-and-vitamin-supplements#171


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