About Dr Mackie Hobson


Dr Malcolm Hobson, a vet from Graaff- Reinet, was recently appointed by the mohair industry in a part-time capacity to focus on the husbandry needs of the Angora goat.

His appointment was motivated partly as a result of the situations that incurred over the past few years in terms of disease outbreaks and the declining national health control. It is becoming more apparent that industries are going to have to look after themselves.

It is anticipated that his appointment will among others also address the interests of Angora producers on animal health forums and the research council; improve disease surveillance; advise producers on health matters that influence productivity and reproduction thereby addressing the drop in production. Dr Hobson will also be able to advise farmers on the merits of animal health products, do field trials and identify areas of research and will assist with BEE training while providing affordable BEE veterinary support.


With the decline of specialist veterinary expertise in this field, it became necessary to address the situation by appointing a vet who can focus on the specialist needs of the Angora goat.


How do producers benefit?

Dr Mac is at the service of producers free of charge for telephonic advice, as a speaker at farmers’ association information days, study groups, farm call-outs in the event of medium to large scale animal losses(upon approval) and for performing post mortems.


What is the procedure to acquire his services?

Dr Hobson can be contacted directly or through the office in Jansenville. Producers have to have their Trust registration numbers available and will be required to complete some documentation

Procedure in the event of multiple Angora goat deaths:


The farmer will need to obtain an authorisation number from Dr Hobson by phoning him. He(the farmer) will then need to make an appointment to take the goat to his local vet for a post mortem to be conducted if Dr Hobson cannot do it himself. Dr Hobson will contact the practice to confirm arrangements. The vet practice will invoice SAMGA for the post mortem. All treatments/vaccinations or further testing advised by the vet will be for payment by the farmer as is the usual practice between the vet and farmer.




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